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I have finally decided to feature some of my dA friend’s artwork in a journal of mine (been meaning to do it for the longest time! XD).  It would be awesome if you could take a look at their work and critique / give them some feedback. It will make my heart explode with warm fuzzyness!!! So here goes!!


Has been one of my very good friend for the longest of time now. He is (very slowly) working on a graphic novel called “Relic” and it’s awesome! He is a guy of many talents! (He also does MLP fan art too... if ya like that sort of thing XD) 

I think he would like some critiques, you don't have to give a critique if you don't want to. Just a simple comment would be nice. :meow:

"Relic" Prologue by Explonova Ascension by Explonova Knowledge Unlocked, Secrets Unfurled by Explonova

~   ~   ~


Trees #1 by TeeRez Fly Away by TeeRez Melt by TeeRez


Dragonstake by Kimihro Pokemon Silver - Vaporeon Animated 50x50 by Kimihro Lucavi: Prelude to Chaos (No. 1)Prelude to Chaos
You know your life isn't exactly regular if you fall down an escalator about once a month. Such is the life of the rowdiest of the rowdy; the bounty hunters of Pangaea. We work hard, we play hard, and we get paid hard. Heh… and another rhyme that's implied.
Hey. My name is Kimihro. "Kimihro what?" you may ask. Kimihro nothing. It's my only name; last names are for Djinni and non-Pariahs. Yeah, you could guess from that statement that I'm a Pariah. Far different from the common pariahs of the old Terra Firma; it's not a caste, we just don't have any past besides birth. Kinda insignificant until cognitive behaviors kick in. And after that, because no opinions changed on orphans. Better self-raised in the first place, if you ask me. The world won't baby you when you're exposed. I'm kinda getting off-topic, aren't I?
Back to bounty hunting, I was on the tail of my mark: a short, slim thief named Flavian. He intercepted a parcel from Gear with obvious


pink moon by Black-Jack-Attack OC by Black-Jack-Attack  SPIDER by Black-Jack-Attack


Oh Bee's Knees and Gods' Fleas!It seems I burnt the perogies!
That is my family perogi burning ritual saying. I'm not kidding. This is no joke. You must say this to appease the Perogi Gods if by some most heretical mistake you happened to burn perogies. It must be spoken within 6 minutes and 45 seconds of the initial burn, but after the initial 77 seconds since they burn. In this specific way the Perogi Gods know you mean business in your shame, and thus, shall let there anger go according to the Creed of Being A Cool Person/God Just 'Cause.
This is 100% legit.
Not a joke.
That is totally a religion.
But seriously, it was sad, I didn't mean too, please, I understand if one of you calls the police and arrests me, I won't even put up a fight, I'm sorry.
They were still hella' delicious though.
Shout out to any Eastern Europe readers, y'all ancestors made some dope ass snacks.
(This is all I wanted to write about)
PS I had a wonderful, if physically uncomfortable, day. And actually have a get-together with som
Up River by 237-IndefiniteTruth AwakeDon't go,
I still need you,
It's cold when I'm alone,
without your Light to guide my way,
the Darkness rolls and laughs,
hold on longer,
don't go.
your footsteps fade,
nothing is for certain,
and I'm scared I'll never grow,
I'm yet but a child,
lost and naive,
I've run away,
cry out in my despair,
the mirror does not show me now,
that is not who I am,
I'm so tired,
this path is long,
but now I see the way,
the shadows creep up behind me,
but I can fight them off,
no longer weak,


Not Over You by Marcosinking94 Golden Bloom by Marcosinking94 Midnight by Marcosinking94


Honourable Mentions

These dA friends only have a few deviations but I think they deserve some love too. =D

:iconcoraljay: ~ An Innocent Smile by CoralJay

:iconulvynn: ~ :thumb446394219:

:iconbluwhale: ~ Inori-Chan by BluWhale

:iconchracknas: ~ King of Frozen WrathThere was a king by the name of Algus
Loving but irritable was he.
Arulam was his wife, she was beautiful and kind,
They bore two children,
One simple, an ox to boot,
The other complex, a web to flies
Their son, Animus, bold and brash as they came young,
And his sister, Casus, vain and selfish in a mirror's glare,
Fought like no other dreaded pair,
Until one day, the moon rose high,
Reflecting their tempers, it shone so bright,
Bickering and bitching they kept until
Animus raged, and Casus fell.
A scream pierced through the night
Animus, filled with fright,
Ran through the fields and forests 'till
He crashed into a guard, armed and haggard,
Who slapped him in irons, and dragged him to rags,
The boy pleaded and cried, 'till his father arrived,
"What have you done?" He cried
"Sister... She has died."
Algus grew angry, filled with rage, and without forethought,
Slit Animus, right in his soft spot.
His jugular bleeding, squirting about,
He writhed on the floor, and before he could shout,

:iconthetoxiceden: ~ Defense Devil by TheToxicEden

Thanks so much for reading this!!! Much love!! Hope you all have a great day! xxx

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United Kingdom
Here's some stampy thingy's of what I like or make me smile lol.
Gerard Way Stamp by TheSprinklezKid Stamp para ximenaru by Natzabel TTGL Stamp 2 by Pataphyx kamina stamp by SuperpluplushYoko Transforms by azianwolfdollLegendary Zelda Stamp by Luifex Vampire Knight Stamp. by Elianan Tales of Symphonia OVA Stamp by Redheadkitten I :heart: Death Note by cilen-chii Tales of the Abyss fan Stamp by charry-photosStamp: Don't make me Zelda by Nightabsol Kaichou wa Maid-sama by marzie-x Green Day Stamp by darkdisciple-stampsThe Nonary Game stamp by SharubiiSafe and Sound Stamp by Eilyn-ChanBlack siblings stamp by SuperpluplushSEPHIROTH is CLOUD's Problem by Washu-M DA stamps:I love Halloween III by eleoyashaSTOP Animal Abuse Stamps by MoRbiD-ViXeNThe Dark Side Stamp by CaddielookHMC - Howl X Sophie Stamp by ImmortalmirrorStop That Stamp by BlackshadowbutterflyMotivation - Or not. by AssClownFishSleeping Stamp by JFG107-StampsFantasy+RealLife Stamp by Monkey-Girl146What are you looking at? by olgolugoFrom Yesterday stamp by hxcfairyMiyazaki Stamp by DarkTwilightWolfHMC Calcifer Stamp by TwilightProwlerTWEWY Player Stamp by LinkMasterXPARK Support Stamp by Mirz123I am a CARTOON in a HUMAN BODY by StrawberryRShy Stamp by Neko-MusumeDrunk-Luxord Stamp by ladychimeraOrganization XIII Stamp by SweetDukeI Love Photography stamp by Heineken79Swear Stamp by SwimmingferretSho Minamimoto: SO ZETTA SLOW by randommonkey24Sleepy head by prosaixSupport reading stamp by DeviantSithMusic Stamp by The-HamletsIt's MY gallery stamp by dazza1008Stocking: Tea Time Stamp by xOniHimeLittle world... :: Stamp by SaphitriSA Soot Sprites Stamp by TwilightProwler

My Demonic Little Sister: :icondaredevil0123:

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